Zebra Highlighter Mildliner Review & Swatch

Hello! It's Kevin here, if you guys don't know me I'm also @thelamejournal on Instagram ❤️

Drawing is my passion ever since I was young. It helps me express how I feel. As years went by, I stumbled upon an account on instagram who has a bujo (bullet journal). I was immediately inspired to do it myself but the thing is I didn't know how to start. So I just kinda went with my own thing and turns out people like the new style. 😄

I only have 3 essentials for my journal like the journal itself, some black pens and mildliners. Mildliners are highlighters but it also has a marker at the other end of it. It really helped me make my journal look beautiful and colorful! I had the 3 packs with me and luckily @bricksxcastle sent me the rare pack.

I was very satisfied with the service and the packaging was properly packed. There were no defects on the box and broken parts of the pen. As a mildliner user, I can tell that the mildliners are brand new because the colors really popped & the ink went out smoothly.

To show my gratitude towards @bricksxcastle I made a doodle for them while using the rare pack and the other mildliner packs that I have with me. I really enjoyed doing it despite the amount of time and effort I placed on it. I didn't feel tired but inspired to do it!

Buy your zebra midliners here with free shipping worldwide: Link


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